District 96 Real Estate Purchase
Repton Statement Repton FAQ's Resolution Approving Real Estate Purchase-92 Repton Rd. Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement-92 Repton Rd.

Annual Financial Reports
D96 Budget FY2016-17 ISBE Form 50-36  
D96 Audit FY2015-16

Compensation Report: 2/23/16
Compensation Agreement  

2016-17 Contracts over $25,000  
REC Agreement 2015-18
Appendix A 2017-18 Teacher Salary Schedule  
Appendix C 2017-18 Compensation Guide Secretarial and Library Assistants  
Appendix D 2017-18 Compensation Guide Reading Improvement-Special Education Assistants  
Appendix E 2017-18 Compensation Guide Cafeteria Employees  
Appendix F 2017-18 Compensation Guide Nurses and Health Aides  
Off Schedule Salary REC 2016-17
Custodian Contract 7-1-16 to 6-30-20  
Acacia Academy A
Acacia Academy B
Alarm Detection Services 
Aspire Childrens Services
Childs Voice School A
Childs Voice School B
Cloverleaf Farms
Comcast E-Rate
Comcast Amendment
Comcast I & M
Cove School A
Crisis Go
Donlon and Associates Inc
Elim Christian ServicesA
Elim Christian ServicesB
Giant Steps A
Giant Steps B
Gordon Food Service
Helping Hand Autism School
Hyde Park Day School A
Industrial Appraisal
Institute for Therapy Through the Arts
Legat Architects
Linden Oaks
Midland Paper
National Investigations
Omni Group
PMA Leasing
Riverside Parks & Rec
Rush Day School
Rush Day School B
School Dude
School Employee Loss Fund
SEAL of Illinois
Synced Solutions
Tympani Inc.
United Laboratories Inc

Salary Compensation Report
Pursuant to Section 10-20.46 of the Illinois School Code (Public Act 96-434) School District 96, Cook County, for School Year 2016-17.
Salary Compensation Report PA 2016-17

Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefits Report
Public Act 96-0266 requires that school districts post the Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefits Report on or before October 1 of each year.
Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefits Report 2016
IMRF – Salary Compensation Reporting
Public Act 97-0609 requires that within six days of approving the legal budget, school districts must post the IMRF – Salary Compensation Report, which lists the total compensation package for each employee exceeding $75,000.
IMRF Salary Comp Reporting 2016-17

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