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Martha Ryan-Toye, Superintendent of Schools

Merryl Brownlow, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

Robert Holmes, Director of Finance and Operations/CSBO

Pam Shaw, Director of Special Education and Student Services

Don Tufano, Director of Innovation & Instructional Technology

Jason Smit, Instructional Technology Coordinator


Dear District 96 Parents and Guardians,


I hope you have been enjoying a wonderful Summer. It’s hard to believe the start of the school year is just around the corner! School will begin on Thursday, August 25. Kindergarten and Early Childhood students will begin on Friday, August 26.


I am thrilled to begin the 2016-2017 school year with you and your child. After spending the Winter and Spring months getting to know more about District 96, I am so pleased to be your new Superintendent. Since my first day here, have learned that District 96 is a wonderful place full of eager students, engaged parents, strong faculty and excellent leaders. We are all are here for your child’s success. I look forward to getting to know you and your child in the months and years ahead. Please don’t hesitate to stop by to say hello.

Martha with Students
Martha Ryan-Toye
Superintendent of Schools

The new school year is exciting for the teachers as well. They have been busily planning and preparing to Welcome your child with new and exciting learning opportunities. Children in Kindergarten through Grade 5 will have a new math program. You will be learning more about that over the course of the year. The middle school students will experience increased hands-on Science instruction as We transition to new science standards and a new program. Hauser Jr. High has also added a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) encore offering at the middle school to enhance the elective course selections. The District is dedicated to meeting the academic and Social emotional needs of all learners through engaging, supportive and challenging educational opportunities.


The faculty and staff of Riverside School District 96 have also been busy planning and preparing for the new school year. Several facilities projects have been completed at Blythe Park, Hollywood, Central and Hauser. The parking lot at Hollywood School was repaved as well as the parking area at the Central/Hauser campus. The installation of the new elevator at Hauser School is nearing completion, and the Blythe Park window project is nearly done. As always, we extend a special thanks to our Wonderful Custodial team that make the schools clean and sparkling and ready for the start of the new school year.


I look forward to being part of the exciting educational journey with you and your child.


Sincerely Yours,

 Martha Signature
Martha Ryan-Toye, Superintendent of Schools

District Goals for 2016-2017 are linked directly to the strategic plan that was developed in 2015-2016


Goal areas include:


  • Curriculum and Instruction
    • By the end of 2016-2017, the Board will review available survey information from other comparable school districts related to the implementation of foreign language programs at the Kindergarten through Grade 8 level. The survey will include District 94 and District 95 who also articulate with Riverside Brookfield High School.
    • By the end of 2016-2017, the Board will consider the specific recommendations of an English Language Arts committee that will recommend approval of a curriculum adoption or other actions designed to demonstrate increased cohesiveness and alignment of District 96 English Language Arts instruction.
    • By the end of 2016-2017, the Board will receive and review an annual update related to the QUEST (Grades 3-5) and advanced learning programs (Grades 6-8).


  • Finance and Facilities
    • By the end of 2016-2017, the Board will have opportunity to review Life Safety and ADA reports specific to District 96 to determine possible next steps needed for improvements in these areas.
    • By the end of 2016-2017, the Board will receive and review a Master Facilities plan that may incorporate possible property purchases by the District. This analysis will include a specific commitment to outdoor learning and playground improvements in 2017 as feasible.
    • During the 2016-2017 school year, District 96 will continue to operate with strong fiscal responsibility and decision making. A long range (five-year) plan will be reviewed periodically to insure that District 96 financial decisions acknowledge local capacity and state level uncertainties to make sound financial decisions and recommendations.


  • Culture and Climate
    • During the 2016-2017 school year, the Board will receive updated communications related to the District’s goal to engage stakeholders both within the school district and in the community. Specific communication includes the following:
      • Continue to provide an Annual Report to all District 96 residents, Summer 2017
      • Survey parents and guardians regarding preferred methods for receiving communication
      • Develop a regular update on district communications including a linkage to Board of Education goals and activities
      • Designate Superintendent’s office hours to promote community communications
      • Improve two-way communication utilizing district structures including the District Leadership Team, the All District Leadership Team, Riverside Education Council, and Parent Leadership Team
      • Research district wide climate and culture surveys to replace or enhance the bi-annually required 5Essentials survey.
    • During the 2016-2017 school year, the Board will receive and review analysis and recommendations with specific options pertaining to the possible expansion of co-curricular sports/athletic activities at Hauser Jr. High School and possible collaboration with local park districts which will facilitate the inclusion of increased student participation.


  • Human Relations
    • By the end of 2016-2017, the Board will receive and review an update on PERA implementation in District 96. This includes the District’s implementation of a Teacher Evaluation system that addresses professional practices and student growth.


Riverside School District 96 Communications

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