District 96 “Laptops for Learning” Program Underway

District 96 “Laptops for Learning” Program Underway

Posted September 29, 2014

District 96 is very happy to announce that the 1:1 “Laptops for Learning” program is well underway for the 14-15 school year. Earlier this month laptops were successfully distributed to students at Hauser Jr. High and last week the process continued with the district’s 5th grade students. Distribution will continue this week and possibly into next week based on the availability of 5th grade classes. The district’s new Instructional Technology Coordinator, Bob Petitto, will be leading the presentations to students with assistance from other members of the tech team based upon their availability.

Teachers have already begun distributing the updated and consolidated “Parent & Student Laptop Responsibilities Agreement” to parents. Parents and students should review the five-page document and then sign / return the cover page to their classroom teacher. The remaining pages should be retained for future reference.

While students at Hauser Jr. High begin taking computers home immediately upon distribution, it is often 2-3 weeks before students in the 5th grade begin taking laptops home overnight. Parents of 5th grade students should consult with their child’s teacher regarding the timing of when this will occur. If parents have any questions or concerns regarding the Laptops for Learning program they should feel free to contact Don Tufano, Director of Innovation & Instructional Technology, at

District E-Mail Communications Update

District E-Mail Communications Update

Posted September 25, 2014

As many community members are aware we have been experiencing issues with outbound e-mail messages over the past week. The root cause of the issue was the result of a staff member(s) responding to a “phishing” e-mail and providing their login credentials to an unknown source.  No matter how many preventative measures can be taken, we cannot protect against individuals providing their login credentials to an untrusted source. Protecting the district’s information and its critical systems is a shared responsibility that must be taken seriously.  It is important that we educate our staff and students on this topic so as to maintain the security and integrity of district information and its critical systems.

In order to remediate the issue we were forced to perform a system-wide password reset on all e-mail accounts and implement new mandatory password complexity rules associated with staff e-mail accounts that were previously not in place. This step is the first of several information security measures that we will be implementing in the coming weeks.  With this change, the district’s “blacklisted” status of our mail server has been cleared and our e-mail server reputation per has gone from a rating of “Poor” to “Good” in recent days.

While our e-mail server reputation now has a rating of “Good”, it may be several days or even possibly weeks in order for all District 96 outbound mail to freely communicate with every other e-mail service provider.  While most outbound mail appears to be unblocked, we know that we are currently still being blocked by Microsoft e-mail domains such as and  Consequently, some of you still may not be receiving e-mail communications from the domain.

Given this, the district will increase its use of the district and school websites, social media (Facebook & Twitter) and the SchoolReach notification system in order to provide multiple outlets for our community members to receive information.

Wednesday Blythe Park Backpack 9/24/14

Wednesday Blythe Park Backpack 9/24/14

Posted September 23, 2014

The Wednesday Blythe Park Backpack has been updated. Please review the latest flyers and teacher home page updates as they are made available. Please note that all teacher pages will be updated on the first Wednesday of the month, but may be updated on additional Wednesdays as needed.

Wednesday Blythe Park Backpack

Upcoming Blythe School Events

  • Mon Sep 29 2014: Picture Day

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  • Mon Sep 29 2014: Early Release Elementary at 2 p.m.
  • Mon Sep 29 2014: Early Release Hauser at 2:15 p.m.
  • Mon Sep 29 2014: ECE/AM - 8:30 am to 11:00 am
  • Mon Sep 29 2014: PM Kindergarten - 11:05 am to 2:00 pm
  • Mon Sep 29 2014: AM Kindergarten - 8:20 am to 11:15 am
  • Mon Sep 29 2014: ECE/PM - 11:30 am to 2:00 pm