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District 96 Mission for the 2020-2021 School Year


  • District 96 will provide for each student a challenging education which promotes academic excellence, encourages creativity, develops critical thinking, and fosters respect for self, community, and the environment.
  • District 96 will continue to address the whole child as a learner, we will explore ways to improve students’ school experiences outside the classroom. 
  • District 96 will promote student learning and growth in academic and social and emotional domains.
  • District 96 will maintain the District’s solid fiscal position by prioritizing and aligning spending that supports the District’s educational plan.
  • District 96 will provide a high-quality educational program, we will hire, develop and retain high quality staff.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began to impact schools across the country, Riverside School District 96 has been adapting to meet state and national guidelines while continuing to deliver the promises in our mission statement above. This has truly been a team effort of all district staff, students, parents and community members. We want to thank everyone for their efforts during this unprecedented time. 


During this time we also began to plan for a safe re-opening of our schools for the fall. In order to do so we solicited feedback from our stakeholders and were able to create a set of key considerations/core ideas that we would follow to create our return to learn plans for our district. These key considerations are the foundation of our plans and are listed below