D96 Fit

D96 Fit
What is D96 Fit?
D96 Fit is a community that encourages daily fitness and wellness through fitness challenges. Challenges run for two months. During this time, a member of the District 96 staff will present students with a series of daily exercises. Throughout the challenge, students will work to achieve the fitness goal while strengthening their body and increasing their overall endurance at the same time. Students will log their completed exercises on the D96 Fit website. Parents are also encouraged to participate with their child in the fitness challenge in an effort to promote and model healthy life choices.
Throughout the school year, all students who participate in the D96 Fit challenge will be entered into bimonthly raffles with the chance of winning a fitness prize. Examples of prizes include t-shirts, water bottles, and sports equipment.
We hope you and your child check out D96 Fit and give it try!
March and April Challenge: Air Squats
December & January Challenge: FitnessGram Push-ups with Mr. & Mrs. Harvey
Complete this month's challenge?
Please email a photo to d96fit@district96.org of your student or family completing the challenge and include the student name and school!