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Placement Procedures & Criteria

  1. All students will be considered at the formal entry points for advanced placement readiness.
  2. Multiple measures will be considered to determine placement.
    1. Ability Measure (Administered in Grades 3 and 5 only)
    2. Achievement Measure
    3. Curriculum Based Measure
    4. Teacher Rating Scale
    5. Parent Rating Scale
  3. While there are formal entry points* for the start of services, all students will be reviewed annually for potential placement beyond the formal entry points.
    1. Qualifying Placement Criteria
      1. Placement Qualifications Scenario 1
        1. Two or more indicators in Column A
      2. Placement Qualifications Scenario 2
        1. One indicator Column A
        2. Minimum of 4 total points on the matrix for Columns B & C
      3. Placement Qualifications Scenario 3
        1. One indicator in Column A
        2. 3 combined points from Columns B & C
        3. 1 point Parent Rating Scale + Teacher Rating Scale Combined Criteria Score 
*Formal Entry Points
Elementary: Grade 3 to 4 for ELA and Grade 4 to 5 for Math
Middle School: Grade 5 to 6 for ELA and Math
Criteria A B C
Ability Measure: CogAT 130+ 125 - 129 (2 points) 120 - 124 (1 point)
Achievement Measure: MAP 97%+ 94 - 96% (2 points) 90 - 93% (1 point)
Curriculum Based Measure x 2 Mastered at least 90% of
requisite concepts
Mastered at least 85% of
requisite concepts (4 points)
Mastered at least 80% of
requisite concepts (2 points)
Parent/Teacher Rating Scale      Normed Criteria - 1 additional point 
Note: This process and matrix eliminates the need for CogAT assessment at Grades 2, 4, 6 & 7
Appeals Placement Scenario
  • 4 points or more on the matrix and no Column A
  • Column A and 2 points or less on the matrix from Columns B and C
If you have 4 points or more on the matrix and no Column A, then the combined Winter MAP Score from current grade level and Fall MAP score for entering grade level and/or a second ability measure may be administered and considered for an appeal. The review of assessments will be based on the discrepancy in the scores not achieved for placement. Parent and teacher rating scales are to be completed as part of the appeal.