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Kindergarten Early Entrance

Baseline Criteria Level 1
  • Curriculum Based Assessment of Readiness
    • End of year kindergarten benchmark in literacy fluency and comprehension and mathematics computation and concepts
Further Evaluation Level 2
  • Implement Iowa Acceleration Scale Protocol Components
    • Student interview conducted by School Psychologist
    • Observation of student in the age-appropriate school setting using observation inventory by trained District 96 observer to be conducted prior to the end of the current school year
    • Parent rating scales must be completed
    • Current teacher rating scale must be completed by the end of the school year
    • Individual assessments protocols will be completed for ability, aptitude and achievement
      • Ability = Minimum IQ of 130 or above
      • Achievement (Grade Level Equivalent) = At or above 90th percentile
      • Aptitude (Grade Level Above) = At or above the 75th percentile
  • At the completion of the various components of the Level 2 assessments; a team meeting will occur to comprehensively review the student qualifications for early entrance.
    • Team Members include: School Psychologist, School Social Worker, District and Building Administration, Classroom Teacher and Parents or Guardians