Residency Verification

Residency Verification Process

Please note that if you are living with a resident OR are renting within District 96 boundaries but do not have a lease; you will be required to submit an Affidavit of Residency and you will still be required to complete in-person residency verification annually.

  • Registrants who have students currently enrolled in District 96 and who either own or lease will be required to complete online residency every other year, unless otherwise notified by the District 96 registrar prior to June 1st. 
  • Registration for students whose parents/guardians lease AND the lease expiration is prior to September 1st can complete online registration; however they must provide an updated lease document in order for the registration to be considered final.  The updated lease can be uploaded via the registration system or provided in-person to the District 96 Registrar.
  • Exceptions for registrants who have students currently enrolled in District 96 (in-person residency verification required):
    • If you have moved to a new residence during this school year within the district or will be moving prior to September 1st.
    • If it has been determined by the District 96 Registrar that a registrants residency information should be reevaluated.
Clear Background Check Process

District 96 will use an objective and unbiased methodology which leverages Clear Batch background check services to assist with the determination of residency within District 96 boundaries. The Clear Batch background check process only uses parents’ names and home addresses as a first step in accessing public records in order to better assist in the verification of residency for all families attempting to register students in a District 96 school.

Families who have children currently enrolled in District 96, are homeowners or renters with a lease and  complete the Clear Batch process with a score below 90, or have been designated for administrative review, will be notified in writing and via email (if on file) prior to June 1st.  Within the notification they will be informed of all requirements necessary to complete in-person residency verification prior to the first day of school.

Clear background check services will also be utilized as part of in-person residency verification for all families that meet any of the following criteria:

  • Do not have any students currently enrolled in District 96
  • Rent without a lease
  • Live with a District 96 resident