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District 96 Goals


District 96 Goals 2018 - 2019


District Goal 1

Curriculum and Instruction

  1. Pilot new units of study in K-5 Science and Social Studies.
  2. Provide teacher opportunities to understand and apply best practices in grading and assessment tied to identified learning standards.
  3. Continue to analyze and refine support structures and practices that address the needs of English Learning and Bilingual students.
  4. Continue to refine social and emotional learning strategies for all students. 


District Goal 2

Culture and Climate: Student Development and the Whole Child

  1. Continue to support and refine instructional and co-curricular activities that support the needs of the whole child.
  2. Support family and community engagement through communication strategies that are informative, transparent and responsive to the needs of families and the community.
  3. Continue to distribute an annual Community Report.


District Goal 3

Finance and Facilities

  1. Maintain a solid fiscal position for District 96.
  2. Implement a balanced budget with the use of conservative five-year projections.
  3. Update and enhance facilities work identified in the long-range facility plan through agreement on identified capital projects.
  4. Develop and implement a multi-year operations and maintenance plan.


District Goal 4

Human Resources: Educator and Employee Quality

  1. Continue to refine the meaningful use of staff evaluations that support strong student outcomes and professional development for faculty and staff. This includes any needed revisions to the agreed upon PERA plan.
  2. Recruit, retain and develop high-quality staff and implement improved structures for shared leadership opportunities that promote a shared ownership of improved student and professional learning opportunities.