Strategic Plan, Mission & Goals » District 96 Goals: 2019 - 2020

District 96 Goals: 2019 - 2020

Riverside School District 96
1. Goal Area: Student Learning
To promote student learning and growth in academic and social and emotional domains we will continually assess and adjust curriculum, instruction, and assessment of student programs and supports as informed by district data. Growth will be measured by IAR, NWEA-MAP and social emotional qualitative assessments.
Specific actions for 2019-2020 include: 
      • Full implementation of aligned units of study in elementary science
      • Provide teacher opportunities to understand and apply best practices in grading and assessment tied to identified learning standards
      • Refinement of the MTSS process that promotes agreed upon assessments and the effective determination of the level of support needed for students
      • Continue to refine social emotional learning strategies while ensuring the use of inclusive practices to promote the success of all learners

2. Goal Area: Climate and Culture - Family Engagement and Communication
To continue to improve the overall climate throughout District 96 we will continue transparent and accessible communication to promote family and community engagement.

Specific actions for 2019-2020 include:
      • Annual distribution of a community report
      • Periodic district-wide communication from the district office
      • Reoccurring parent and community information sessions pertaining to district and/or community topics
      • Regular communications to families from building principals

3. Goal Area: Climate and Culture - Student Experience
To continue to address the whole child as a learner, we will explore ways to improve students’ school experiences outside the classroom.

Specific actions for 2019-2020 include:
      • Improve outdoor learning spaces for elementary school students that promote play, student health, and an appreciation for the natural environment a plan for a later start time at Hauser Junior High
      • Review and refine practices that promote a culture of inclusivity and support for all learners

4. Goal Area: Facility Improvements
To improve school facilities to address enrollment, safety, security and programming needs, we will implement agreed upon components of the District 96 long-range facility plan by managing planned construction projects that are completed on time and within budget parameters.
Specific actions for 2019-2020 include:
      • Addition and renovation at Ames Elementary School
      • Addition of one classroom and a secured front entrance at Blythe Park Elementary School
      • Renovation of the previous district office space to create a multi-purpose room at Central Elementary School and a secured front entrance for Central Elementary School
      • Addition of a multi-purpose room at Hollywood School and a secured front entrance including a renovation for small group learning in the previous front office at Hollywood Elementary School

5. Goal Area: Finance
To maintain the District’s solid fiscal position by prioritizing and aligning spending that supports the District’s educational plan. This includes continuing to provide high-quality instructional programs and supports while also improving school facilities to address safety, security and educational programming needs. 
Specific actions for 2019-2020 include:
      • Approval of a balanced budget
      • Maintenance of adequate fund balance as addressed in Board policy
      • Maintain ISBE Financial Profile Score of 4.0 – Recognition

6. Goal Area: Human Relations
To continue to provide a high quality educational program, we will hire, develop and retain high quality staff. 
Specific actions for 2019-2020 include:
      • Continue to utilize an evidence based agreed upon tool for educator evaluations that is based on educator effectiveness and includes a measurement of student growth
      • Continue to provide agreed upon high-quality professional development that is linked to effective practices for promoting student growth and learning
      • Refine both practices and district structures that support collaboration among educators aimed at improving high-quality practices and promoting an equitable experience for all children in District 96