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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


COVID 19 Frequently Asked Questions 

for Parents and Family Members

District 96 is in the process of finalizing a plan for returning to learning and the possible physical reopening of our school buildings. We are currently considering several models for returning to learning. Each plan meets the same requirements for health and safety as determined by the Illinois State Board of Education. 


Health and Safety: See Illinois Department of Public Health FAQ


Face Coverings, and Other Personal Health Concerns

Are Riverside students and staff in a school building required to wear a face covering at all times?

Yes. Riverside 96 will comply with the Illinois State Board of Education and Illinois Department of Public Health Requirements. This includes the requirement that all staff and all students wear a face covering even when social distancing is maintained. All individuals in a school building must wear a face covering unless they have a medical contraindication, are under 2 years of age, have trouble breathing, or are unconscious, incapacitated, or unable to remove the face covering without assistance.

Will my student be supplied with a face covering or do I need to provide one?

Students can bring their own face coverings or one will be provided at the school. We recommend your child practice wearing this face covering during outings before school starts or even in the house.

The district has procured some clear masks for staff most in need of demonstrating mouth and lip movements to support student learning needs. 

What happens if my student forgets or loses their face covering?

Each building will have an extra supply of masks that will be provided to anyone who does not have one. 

Will there be other types of PPE available to students? 

The district has procured plastic face shields that can be worn in addition to face masks, if requested. Per ISBE guidance, a face shield can only supplement an already worn face mask and cannot replace the face mask.

While social distancing will still be required, the district has also procured plexiglass shields for staff that work in small groups and 1:1 situations. 


Academics and Social-Emotional Learning 

For hybrid students: If my child is required to quarantine, what will my child's academic day look like while they remain home in quarantine? (Added 8/4/20)

Each student and classroom scenario will be determined based on the specific situation and unique needs. A student's learning could continue through a variety of methods. The methods include, but are not limited to, 

- A teacher teaching remotely to the students in class, while the student(s) in quarantine join the lesson through Zoom.

- A teacher in the classroom, teaching the students in class, while the student(s) in quarantine join the class (live-stream) through Zoom 

All situations will be addressed on a case by case basis. Your principal and/or teacher will reach out to you after notification of quarantine to discuss your child's specific learning plan.


What will school look like next year?

We believe that in-person learning presents a better opportunity for our students. We are working with district teams to establish our return to learn plans. We anticipate sharing these plans publicly on August 5, 2020. We will also update families through email communication. After August 5,  if any changes occur based on the Governor’s orders or other significant community health outbreaks, parents and guardians will be informed by district email communication and an update to our website. 

My child may have missed important subject matter content last spring. What is the plan to make up for lost material?

Our team of educators have been carefully considering the impact of learning loss due to COVID 19. We have highly skilled educators and a strong team of support and intervention services for children as they return to learning. If you have specific concerns please plan to reach out to your child’s assigned teacher or building principal to discuss individual learning concerns. 

Does the district have plans to improve the remote learning plan from last year's plan?

Last year’s emergency remote learning plans will be improved for the 2020-2021 school year. Students will have synchronous learning opportunities daily if in a remote learning situation by parent/guardian choice or by State mandate. Additionally students will be accountable to attending daily synchronous remote learning and traditional grading will be reinstated.

What are you doing about lunch and snack time for students?

At this time we are looking at a shortened day model to avoid the need for students to remove masks and eat lunch at school. Snacks are being considered; particularly when and where we are able to allow children to eat snacks in outside areas. We will provide more detail as our schedules evolve. 

Is there a way to receive lunch at school?

Children who qualify for free and reduced lunch will receive a grab and go lunch 5 days per week. We are exploring additional plans for students who wish to purchase lunch at Hauser.  At Central, this can be done through a pre-ordering system.

Are you addressing other methods for mitigating risks of COVID-19 in the school environment? 

The student schedules are being developed to include mask breaks, outdoor learning, and outdoor access. The district has purchased large tents for each school in order to support more outdoor opportunities for students. We have also reviewed our ventilation systems and have increased the percentage of fresh air circulation in all of our school buildings. Classroom windows are operable and have screens in order to encourage staff to open windows during the school day. Student mobility during the day will be limited. Students will remain in the same classroom and teachers will move to accommodate instruction.

What will necessitate transitioning to full remote learning?

The Illinois State Board of Education and/or the Restore Illinois Plan phases will guide decisions. A significant local outbreak of COVID-19 or other disruption to health and safety could necessitate such a change. 

What will the teacher/student ratio be for D96 Remote Academy?

This will depend upon the number of students who choose Full Remote. Once we determine each family's choice, we will then complete our staffing assignments. (Added 8.4.20)

How many days per week will D96 Remote Academy be synchronous?

All classes/both in-person and remote will be synchronous daily. Students will have a schedule and will be expected to follow that schedule synchronously each day. Attendance will be taken. (Added 8.4.20)

How many hours per day will D96 Remote Academy be synchronous at Hauser Jr. High?

Remote Academy is the same as In-Person learning. Classes will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 1:00 p.m. each day. Students will have a lunch break from 1-2 pm. Options in the afternoon (2:00-2:40) include additional academic assistance and band/orchestra. (Added 8.4.20)

Who is teaching the Remote Academy?  Is it D96 staff, or an independent contractor? 

Our remote academy will be taught by D96 staff. (Added 8.4.20)

What are the minimum requirements for daily and/or weekly synchronous live instruction under the Remote Academy? 

The ISBE has recommended that 2.5 hours of remote instruction be provided synchronously.  This is what we are planning as a minimum. (Added 8.4.20) 

What is the contingency plan for hybrid students if the state goes into lockdown and in-person education is no longer an option? Will these students be redirected to the Remote Academy mid trimester?

Students can move  to the remote option when/if needed over the course of the trimester.  All students would enter the Remote Academy if required by the Governor’s order. (Added 8.4.20)

If we choose hybrid on August 13,  and the numbers of Covid-19 cases go up really high, and we are no longer comfortable sending our children to school a few hours a day, can they be transferred into the Remote Academy? 

Yes.  Students can transfer into the remote academy at any time. Families do not need a medical excuse for remote learning.  Remote learning is an option available to any families who are interested in this instructional model for their child.  (Added 8.4.20)


If a family chooses the hybrid plan, and then a family member by chance gets Covid-19, since the family has to quarantine, can the student transfer to the Remote Academy during that quarantine timeframe? 

Yes, any child in quarantine could also be part of the remote academy.(Added 8.4.20)



Will District 96 be issuing devices for children in all grade levels?

The district will provide an iPad with a charger for students in kindergarten through second grade and a Chromebook with charger for all students in third grade through eighth grade to utilize at home during remote learning. 

What is the expectation for my child’s utilization of the device?

District-issued devices are intended for educational / classroom-related activities only.  If/when taken home, devices should be charged each evening and returned to school each day ready for use. 

How do I receive technical support, if needed?

Please contact the District 96 Tech Department via e-mail: techsupport@district96.org.  Include as much detail as possible when reporting an issue or making a request and best contact information to expedite the resolution of the request.


Cleaning and Sanitation 

What will the cleaning procedure be for classrooms?

All cleaning, disinfecting, and ventilation practices will follow the procedures and expectations outlined in the ISBE and IDPH  guidelines and will be updated as needed. 

Practices that support the cleaning and disinfection of classrooms/buildings include:

  • Classroom surfaces will be kept empty or uncluttered to facilitate disinfecting.
  • All items that cannot be easily disinfected (fabric etc.) will be removed.
  • Desks will be sanitized regularly. 
  • Frequent sanitization and cleaning of high touch surfaces and areas will occur.


Family Resources 

Will District 96 provide childcare resources for families? 

We have been in communication with childcare partners in our area. At this time we are not able to coordinate childcare for our families. We will continue to connect with our childcare partners to see if any plans develop. We encourage families to pursue necessary childcare. We know this is a challenge. 

Will visitors be allowed in the school buildings? 

Visitors to school grounds will be strictly limited. Parents and other visitors should call the school office in advance of a visit to ensure that appropriate PPE and other health certification  requirements are met.

We ask for your patience as we work through the details of planning for the fall.  We anticipate updating the FAQ frequently as more information becomes available. If you have feedback for the district, we encourage you to send your questions/comments to parentfeedback@district96.org.