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Key Considerations/Core Ideas

  • Some in-person instruction is better than none.
  • All plans should pivot to remote when needed or required.
    • Remote learning will require more real time connection with students and scheduled synchronous learning for students. 
  • Shortened overall school hours might be better right now. 
    • Easier for children and mask wearing.
    • Eliminate lunch for now.
    • ISBE requirement: 5 hours of instruction daily and recommend at least 2.5 hours for synchronous learning.
    • Student learning requires a focus and intensity on core academics-some specials and encore could be remote
    • At risk students may need more time than others for in-person learning
    • All educators are essential workers
    • Attendance will be monitored for all students
    • Traditional assessment and grading practices will resume

Based upon our committee’s work, these key considerations/core ideas and the current phase of Illinois we will be offering  a couple of instructional options for our students this fall. Parents can choose from two options at the elementary level and two options at the middle school level.