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Social Distancing


In all school buildings, social distancing must be observed whenever possible. Social distancing means there is six (6) feet of space between each individual in the school. Classrooms and other common spaces will be arranged to accommodate social distancing throughout the school building. Student seating should be arranged so that students face in the same direction. Floor markings will be utilized to maintain appropriate distance when students line up and travel through the halls.


Restrooms and Locker Rooms

Social distancing will be maintained in restrooms and locker rooms. Stalls, lockers and other private spaces will be marked to maintain distance between individuals with the space.  In addition, capacity and access may be limited in order to maintain social distance.



Students will be seated to observe social distancing during lunch periods and will be expected to maintain social distance while eating. Students who do not observe social distancing protocols will be redirected by a staff member; students who do not comply with this redirection will be escorted to a separate area, where they will be supervised but away from other students for the duration of the lunch period.



Students will have outdoor recess, weather permitting. When 6 feet of distance can be maintained outdoors, students will be permitted to remove their face coverings. Outdoor recess groupings will be structured to align with the Illinois Department of Health guidance limiting outdoor groups to 50.  Indoor recess, when required, will be held in spaces where social distancing can be maintained.


Physical Education

Physical education lessons and activities will be structured to facilitate social distancing. Contact sports and other activities that require students to be in proximity to one another will not be included in the physical education program.  Floor markings will be utilized to help structure activities, and class sizes will be monitored to provide adequate space for students to participate.


Office Spaces

Office spaces may be reassigned in order to facilitate social distancing. Capacity and access may be limited to maintain social distancing. Students, staff members, and visitors may be redirected from office spaces temporarily in order to maintain social distancing.


Staff Common Areas

Social distancing will be observed in all staff common areas, such as lounges and dining/cafeteria space. To accommodate social distancing, capacity for spaces may be limited.


Early Childhood Classrooms

Social distancing will be observed in the District’s early childhood classrooms to the greatest extent possible while permitting the necessary supervision required for young children. Student nap areas and play areas will be arranged to promote social distancing.