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Plan Implementation


The implementation of the Return to Learn plan will require ongoing coordination and collaboration between all district administration, staff, schools, and departments. To ensure decisions are being made carefully, taking into perspective the thoughts and feelings of all stakeholders, the District will reach out to constituents on a regular basis to get feedback to make necessary plan revisions. The Administration and the Board are thankful to have a strong and positive relationship with the Riverside Education Council  (REC) and they will continue to work with the association to implement the plan to the benefit of students.

Consistent with the framework of Phase 4, the relatively low level of infection in our community, the interest as measured by recent surveys, and the belief that in-person learning presents a better opportunity for our students, District 96 is currently planning to offer a remote learning option and an in-person learning option for students this fall.

If Illinois is in Phase 4 of Restore Illinois, parents will have two pathways to choose from. However, if Illinois is in Phase 1, 2 or 3 of Restore Illinois, all learning will be remote. Below are the reopening scenarios being offered at our Elementary Buildings and at our Junior High School.