Health Insurance

This page contains information about the District’s Health Insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

If you have questions about what is or is not covered under the PPO or HMO health insurance plan you should call Member Services.

BCBS Website: www.bcbsil.com

BCBS Member Service
PPO: 800-541-2768
HMO: 800-892-2803
Plan Documents

Riverside 96 HMO Booklet July 1, 2022

Riverside 96 PPO Booklet July 1, 2022


BCBS Non-Discrimination Notice

Consumer Coverage Disclosure Notice Act - EHB Notice
The Consumer Coverage Disclosure Act (CCDA) requires employers sponsoring group health insurance coverage in Illinois to disclose to employees a list of the State of Illinois Essential Health Benefits (EHB) and whether or not they are covered by each of the offered medical plans.  Please click on the following attachment for that information.
Transparency in Coverage (TiC)
The Transparency in Coverage Final Rule requires group health plans to publish machine-readable files starting July 1, 2022. The files contain in-network rates and out-of-network allowed amounts.
The following link is specifically for PPO plans only and contains data in a format that machines can easily read, but will not be easily read by the average individual.
BCBSIL will host the files for HMO plans via a link on bcbsil.com.


Prescription Information

The provider for prescriptions for the HMO and PPO plans is PrimeTherapeutics through BCBS.  Your insurance card has an Rx on the bottom right corner indicating this.
You can manage your prescription benefits by using MyPrime.com and AllianceRx.com.  Members will need to register online to order their specialty and home delivery medications through Alliance Rx Walgreens Prime.  Members have a single sign on through Blue Access for Members to get to the MyPrime.com website.  There is no registration for the MyPrime.com website when accessing via Blue Access for Members.


Vision Discount Information


Discounts on eye examinations, eyeglasses, additional lens options and contact lenses.
Laser vision correction services at significant discounts.


Davis Vision Customer Service 877-393-8844