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Health Insurance

This page contains information about the District’s Health Insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

If you have questions about what is or is not covered under the PPO or HMO health insurance plan you should call Member Services.

BCBS Website:

BCBS Member Service
PPO: 800-541-2768
HMO: 800-892-2803
Plan Documents

Riverside 96 PPO Booklet PC0059 1-1-2016

Riverside 96 HMO Booklet 2019

Medical Claim Form--20479.0607.pdf


BCBS Non-Discrimination Notice


PPO Prescription Information

Express Scripts is the administrator of the prescription drug benefit for the PPO Plan. You will need to use the Express Scripts ID card when purchasing a prescription.
Express Scripts Customer Service: 877-628-2615 Website: (LINK:


Vision Discount Information


Discounts on eye examinations, eyeglasses, additional lens options and contact lenses.
Laser vision correction services at significant discounts.


Davis Vision Customer Service 877-393-8844