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Riverside District 96 Building PTA/PTO Liaisons

Ames - Pamela Shaw <shawp@district96.org>

Blythe - Pamela Shaw <shawp@district96.org>

Central - Kari Greczek <keilhardt@yahoo.com>

Hollywood - Traci Baez <tbaez1@yahoo.com>

Hauser - Kim Perry <kmp3779@gmail.com>


General Resources


Illinois State Board of Education website

ISBE – Special Education Resources


Special Education Rights Guide

The Educational Rights and Responsibilities:  Understanding Special Education has been designed to serve as a useful resource to both parents and school personnel.  The guide includes a comprehensive narrative outlining the principal rights and procedures for special education.  To maximize user-friendliness, the guide allows the reader to obtain a detailed overview of special education as a whole, or to research a specific topic.

(Spanish Version)

 ISBE Illinois Student Records Keeper



LaGrange Area Department of Special Education – LADSE

For additional resources through LADSE click on their name and you will be linked to their website.


25th Annual Tourette Syndrome Camp USA

YMCA Camp Duncan, Ingleside, Illinois
Sunday, June 24, 2018  - Saturday, June 30, 2018