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Riverside District 96 Building PTA/PTO Liaisons

Ames - Pamela Shaw <shawp@district96.org>

Blythe - Pamela Shaw <shawp@district96.org>

Central - Kari Greczek <keilhardt@yahoo.com>

Hollywood - Traci Baez <tbaez1@yahoo.com>

Hauser - Kim Perry <kmp3779@gmail.com>


General Resources


Illinois State Board of Education website

ISBE – Special Education Resources


Special Education Rights Guide

The Educational Rights and Responsibilities:  Understanding Special Education has been designed to serve as a useful resource to both parents and school personnel.  The guide includes a comprehensive narrative outlining the principal rights and procedures for special education.  To maximize user-friendliness, the guide allows the reader to obtain a detailed overview of special education as a whole, or to research a specific topic.

(Spanish Version)

 ISBE Illinois Student Records Keeper



LaGrange Area Department of Special Education – LADSE

For additional resources through LADSE click on their name and you will be linked to their website.