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Student Assignment FAQ


Student Assignment and Intra-District Transfer: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the policy that describes the student assignment process?

Policy 7:30 Student Assignment and Intra-District Transfer. (The policy is located at the end of this document).

How do I enroll my child?

Go to the District website and click on REGISTRATION. Follow the prompts to complete the online portion of the enrollment process. Bring the residency documents required, a photo ID and student birth certificate to the District Office. Pay the registration fee either online with a debit/credit card or in-person by cash or check.

My child has a sibling already attending a District 96 school, where will my newly registered child attend school?

All newly enrolled students who have a sibling attending Ames, Blythe Park, Central or Hollywood Elementary School for the upcoming school year, will be placed at the school attended by their sibling. This is considered sibling priority.

Which elementary school will my child attend?

The district uses an assignment process that tries to assign your child to the school to which they live closest. When this is not possible because of space limitations or class size constraints, the assignment algorithm tries to assign your child to the next closest school.

How does the algorithm work to assign students?

There are three steps in the placement process using this algorithm:

  1. The algorithm assigns Kindergarten students who have older siblings already attending one of the elementary schools in the coming year to the same school as the older sibling.
  2. The algorithm uses Google Maps to get the walking distance from each of the remaining students home address to each of the four elementary schools.
  3. The algorithm uses an optimization technique to assign students who were not already assigned in the first step to schools in such a way that the total walking distance of these students is as small as possible.

For more detailed information about the assignment algorithm please visit our website:

Can I guarantee that my child attends a specific school?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee prior to determining class size/space at the school of your choice.

Can I state a preference for which school I would like my child to attend?

The presumption is that you prefer your child at the closest school, but if that is not the case, you may send an email or letter to the superintendent stating your request.

How do I request a transfer from my child’s assigned school?

Please send an email or letter to the district superintendent indicating your request for a transfer specifying the reasons for the request. Requests for transfers will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Is there a possibility that my child will be transferred again and end up at a different school next year?

Your child will remain enrolled at the school they are attending.

If my child is assigned to a different school than what I expected this year, can they go to their “home” school next year if there is an opening?

Your child will remain at the school they are attending unless you request a transfer in writing from the superintendent.

What happens if I enroll my child after the initial assignments are made on June 30th?

Your child’s enrollment will be determined based on overall district enrollment and class size. Based on these parameters, your child will be assigned to a District 96 school that meets their needs and addresses proximity to your home as best as possible within these constraints. All of your children in K-5 will be placed at the same elementary school. All middle school students in grades 6-8 are assigned to Hauser Junior High.

When will I be notified of my student’s school placement? I need to arrange before/after care as soon as possible.

Newly enrolled Kindergarten students and new students will be informed on or before June 30 as to specific school placement determination.

Does the district provide transportation if my child is assigned to a school further from home that is not easily within walking distance?  

District 96 does not provide student transportation for general education students attending school near their home.

If you have additional questions about the enrollment and assignment process, please visit our website or email the District Superintendent at [email protected]