Online Fee Payment via PushCoin


District 96 utilizes an online fee payment platform specifically designed for education. The PushCoin solution provides parents with a convenient method of paying school-related fees and expenses beyond registration fees.  Additionally, we have launched a District 96 Web Store The web store contains a variety "a la carte" items for purchase across our schools.


Each Student has two accounts - parents can transfer funds between the accounts at any time: 
a Fees account used for registration or participation fees such as athletics.
          Parents can deposit as little as $1.00 to pay for fees.
a Wallet account used for the webstore, lunch purchases.
          While the wallet account has a minimum of $35.00 to load, items purchased through the webstore can be paid at the time of purchase, without a minimum dollar amount.


When school fees appear on your student's account, you will see a red negative balance under Fees and a red Pay Fees button. You may review them by either clicking Statements or the Pay Fees button.
  • Click on "Transactions" on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the student and the account (wallet or fees) - the screen will refresh to show the purchases made within the dates. Change the dates for transactions outside the most current 30-day range.
    Here is an example
Set up your payment method by clicking on Accounts and then click on Add Source:
  • Electronic check (eCheck): The eCheck funding option is always free to use
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover): There is an additional fee of 2.9% + $0.28 per transaction to use credit or debit cards. This fee is charged by the card processor (Not PushCoin).  Riverside School District 96 does not see or keep any portion of these assements, they all go to the card processor. The fee is in addition to the original transaction amount. You will be able to see the total cost before submitting the transaction.
  • PushCoin.com is a mobile-friendly website.  You can use a smartphone or a tablet to pay for school fees or fund and monitor your students' wallet account.  The site will adjust to your device’s screen and act like an APP.
  • If funding electronically, the minimum transaction for the wallet is $35. This minimum exists to allow your school district to keep E-Check transactions free of service charges, and keep the credit card charge to a minimum. There is no minimum transaction amount when funding by physical check.
  • If you have an outstanding balance in your student’s Fees account, you will be sent an electronic invoice once a month.
  • Optional programs or items are available on our website through the Webstore Icon (the shopping cart) or by visiting https://store.district96.org.  There is no need to fund student’s wallet to make purchases on the District 96 webstore or pay for student’s fees.
A child’s eligibility status of receiving free or reduced discounts is determined via the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).  These statuses are maintained within PowerSchool. This information is carried-over into PushCoin as part of the nightly update. Discounting of fees and web store items are automatically calculated within PushCoin based on a child’s NSLP status.
We have added two additional “quick links” to the vertical icon banner to our district and school websites. These icons now link to the PushCoin ($ icon) parent account portal and the new D96 Webstore (shopping cart icon):Vertical icons on District 96 Websites

We have also added links to the “Parents” pulldown menu on our websites.

Given the changes in online fee payment systems, there are also changes to some District 96 processes and practices. Here are some important changes relevant to District 96 parents and guardians:
  • All registration fees and any outstanding balances associated with returning students will be applied to PushCoin accounts.
  • If a parent or guardian does not wish to utilize the PushCoin online fee payment system, fees can be paid via cash or check in-person at the District 96 Administrative Offices located at 3340 S. Harlem Ave. in Riverside.
If you have questions about your account, contact the Business Office at [email protected].